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Does Your F&B Operation Increase Your Bottom Line Profits?... Or Hurt them?

Manage Your Inventory to Increase Profits

Did you know that…

 Most Golf Clubs have more than twice as much food & beverage inventory on hand as they should have. (the industry standard is one weeks worth of cost on hand, overall)

That higher inventory levels cause higher waste, increased “shrink” & ultimately higher food cost.

Having excess inventory ties up cash flow. (who doesn’t need more cash in the bank…)

It is a proven fact that clubs that perform regular inventory analysis have lower cost than those that do not (most by an average of 2% to 5%)

Most Clubs do not know their “ideal F&B cost” based on properly costed recipes & weighted sales analysis.

Most Clubs lose up to 20% of their product to a combination of “shrink”, theft & staff consumption.

Clubs using electronic pouring systems & meters still lose product – regularly! (electronic systems can’t balance the stockroom or look after receiving…)

Most Clubs operate without a proper standard recipe list available to their bartenders & servers.

Most kitchen managers order product without knowing how much they consume in a given time frame, or how much they already have on hand…

Most POS systems have pricing errors vs. the stated menu prices.

That most employees entrusted with receiving stock have not been properly trained to ensure that when signing invoices all incoming stock is verified. (checked for quantity, weight & quality!)

That labour schedules should be done to budget if you want to achieve your goals.

That product yield is often more important than initial price in determining portion cost & control.

That menu “pricing presentation” affects the cheque average.

What can you do?

Monitor inventory levels – by product & category – regularly

Monitor waste – use waste sheets – use clear garbage bags to be approved by a manager before heading to the dumpster

Have inventory performed regularly – never less than bi-weekly

Properly cost every item on your menu, including yields & portions so that a monthly “ideal cost analysis” can be completed & compared to the actual cost

Compare all bar product use to ideal use – at least every two weeks – do something about the shortages!

Have all bar recipes available to all staff involved with bar service – ensure that they are followed!

Teach your chef or kitchen manager to order based on current inventory reports showing not only what you have on hand, but how much you use

Audit your POS pricing & match it to the menu – regularly

Only allow properly trained employees to receive stock – never allow anyone to sign an invoice without properly verifying the products being billed for – have weights checked, boxes counted & quality checked. After you receive it – ensure that it is properly stored & rotated – lock the storage areas!

Labour Schedules should ALWAYS be created based on a budget – you will never achieve your labour goals by “cutting” – be pro-active vs reactive”

Perform yield tests on all of your major products – regularly

Proper Menu Design & Engineering will enhance your sales & profitability          this is a necessity, not a luxury !

What Can Hospitality Solutions Do To Help?

The Golf Club F&B business is tough – everyone faces rising cost issues every day, higher product cost, increased labour cost, more taxes – regulations that constantly change, an ever increasing labour shortage, increased competition – and worst of allShrinking Margins!


At Hospitality Solutions we provide a Cost Reduction Inventory Service designed to minimize your shrink – maintain lower costs, and most importantly Increase Your Profits!


For those preferring to look after cost control in-house – we are authorized dealers for the Optimum Control Food Inventory System & the Accardis Liquor Inventory System –

 The two best in the industry!

We also provide Menu Consulting & Engineering, Kitchen Manual Development, Bar Recipe Development, Purchase & Rebate Management, & General Consulting to all segments of the Club & Hospitality Industry

Don’t let another year go by wondering why

your profits are not what they should be –

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"I have been working with Rick Parks & his team at Hospitality Solutions since the spring of 2007.

 During that period of time our Bar Cost has dropped by almost 10% - and we have been able to continuously maintain our newfound profitability month after month!

 Hospitality Solutions has provided ongoing coaching & consultation in all facets of our food & beverage operation - helping us to work through Menu Development & Engineering - Ideal Cost Analysis - and regular ongoing cost control for our food operation, as well as the bar. We have worked with Hospitality Solutions to develop & contract our various food suppliers, and they continually work with us to monitor & maintain these relationships.

 Overall, working with Hospitality Solutions has been a very profitable partnership - and is one working partnership that we do not intend to ever give up!"

Mike Ziola

Operating Partner Biagio’s Italian Kitchen & Fat Boys Southern Smokehouse

Former Chair Ottawa Region - ORHMA

 Hospitality Solutions really helped us to lower and control our food costs. They easily pay for themselves.

John Borsten
Owner of  Metropolitan Brasserie, The Grand Pizzeria and Zak’s Diner

“I’d say that for every dollar we spend with Hospitality Solutions, it repays itself four times over in increased profits.”

Domenic Santaguida - Owner - Vittoria Trattoria Restaurants, Lapointes Seafood Grill, Mavericks Donuts

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