Bar Inventory Solutions

Our Bar Inventory Solutions were developed in response to a demand from our customers to come up with an audit service that would monitor bar inventory programs and costs, as well as identify and reduce “shrink”, waste and theft.

All bars experience some liquor inventory loss or, as we refer to it in the industry, “shrinkage”. Most studies indicate that this amount usually exceeds 20%. The reasons are all well known. Over pouring, free drinks, carelessness, and theft.

With Hospitality Solutions you can convert that loss to profit and put it back where it belongs. In your pocket.


- A complete physical inventory every two weeks. We will count all of your open liquor, full bottles, wine, bottled beer and draft beer then, using a combination of your item by item, POS sales information, details regarding your specific recipes and glass size information, we will create a customized total theoretical pour cost.

- Summary and Detail Reports listing exact cost information, and detailing every brand will show you how much you sold, how much you used, and the difference in both units and dollars.

- A Product Contribution Report that ranks every item sold by the total gross dollars contributed to your bottom line allows the quick and easy identification of your top selling items and their specific costs as well as any items that need to be re-examined from a cost or contribution perspective. The perfect pricing analysis tool!

- A Re-Order Report detailing exactly how much you need to order to maintain enough product for your actual sales. This is based on actual inventory and real use, not a "par level", to keep your cash flow flowing instead of tied up slow moving inventory.

- A fully functional “Recipe Book” compiled from the information gathered when customizing your theoretical use to be used in your bar or restaurant to reduce waste and maximize profit.