Does Your Bar Inventory System Make You Money?

 The National Restaurant Association reports that the average Restaurant \ Bar operator loses as much as 20% of the alcohol

Can you afford to lose that much every day – every week – every month & every year??


Do you perform inventory to …

    A)  provide a month end number for your accountant\bookkeeper –


OR –


    B)   Are you interested in knowing exactly how much product you used vs how much you actually sold?


   If your answer is “A” – then almost any method of counting product is ok –


However ….

If you are truly interested in managing your pour cost and getting paid for all of the product being consumed or poured –


Then you have to “Weigh It”

Counting by sight – commonly referred to as “tenth-ing” is ok if close counts – even if done perfectly there is at least a 10% margin of error – that means that on a 1.14 Litre Bottle – your margin for error is 4 oz !

That means that if you are missing 5 oz of Crown Royal, you really don’t know if you are missing 10 oz – 5 oz – or nothing!

Not a very close number if you really care about cost & profits ….. With this poor degree of accuracy some bartenders will be aware that they can overpour (or worse – pocket some cash from drinks!) without easily being detected!

To ensure that you are getting that last 10% of sales – in your pocket vs someone else’s you need to properly count (WEIGH) your inventory and reconcile to your POS reports with properly recorded recipes –

Only by following all of these steps can you expect to be able to determine brand by brand exactly much product you are short – and be able to do something about It!

Years ago people counted using paper & pencil – and generally speaking close was close enough …. When I started in this business very few people were overly concerned with bar cost – and more importantly – loss of alcohol!

Now there are plenty of apps on the market – but – remember that you get what you pay for…. And, someone has to learn & maintain any programs that you buy….

Have you ever called a software company – say Microsoft – for support? How would you compare that to being able to call a local company for support?

At Hospitality Solutions we offer a variety of options for you Bar Inventory Program – All customizable to your unique situation & needs – All designed to save you money & Increase your profits – every day!

As a licensed re-seller for the Accardis Bar Inventory program we can help you manage your bar product;

  • By setting you up with a system to use in-house

  • Or for you to count while we manage the paperwork and analysis

  • Or we can count it for you!

Call or email today for a FREE CONSULTATION to see how we can help you SAVE MONEY & INCREASE PROFITS – TODAY & EVERY DAY!

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