"I have been working with Rick Parks & his team at Hospitality Solutions since the spring of 2007.

 During that period of time our Bar Cost has dropped by almost 10% - and we have been able to continuously maintain our newfound profitability month after month!

 Hospitality Solutions has provided ongoing coaching & consultation in all facets of our food & beverage operation - helping us to work through Menu Development & Engineering - Ideal Cost Analysis - and regular ongoing cost control for our food operation, as well as the bar. We have worked with Hospitality Solutions to develop & contract our various food suppliers, and they continually work with us to monitor & maintain these relationships.

 Overall, working with Hospitality Solutions has been a very profitable partnership - and is one working partnership that we do not intend to ever give up!"

Mike Ziola

Operation Partner Biagio’s Italian Kitchen & Fat Boys Southern Smokehouse

Chair Ottawa Region- ORHMA



...Thanks so much for 7 great years of integrity, honesty, an incredible work ethic, and most important of all, your assistance in our greater profitability as a company.
Profitability and accountability are without question the cornerstone of any successful company. Your company single-handedly assisted in those areas from day one of our working relationship.

Alex Munro
Director of Operations of the Irish Village Group of Pubs

I tried a number of different inventory control programs…all of which were time consuming and inefficient. No other inventory manager came close to Hospitality Solutions for reputation, convenience and efficiency.

Hospitality Solutions has had a major impact in the efficiency and profitability of my business…I would recommend them to anyone

Joe Piovesan
Owner of Southern Cross

I’d say that for every dollar we spend with Hospitality Solutions, it repays itself four times over in increased profits. Our business is more profitable as a result of our association. If you are not using this service then your restaurant is missing out on the best opportunity around to make your business all it can be.

Domenic Santaguida
Owner of Vittoria Trattoria

 I have always understood the crucial importance of tracking inventory numbers and costs but, the truth of the matter is, that it’s a highly time consuming process. There’s no question that the service that Hospitality Solutions offers, and the pressure they take off me, comes at a very reasonable price considering what my time is worth to my staff, my customers & myself.

With them (Hopsitality Solutions) I know that I am making the best decisions when it comes to my inventory, that I have the whole picture and, subsequently, the upper hand. I wouldn’t consider operating without them.

Paul Williams
Owner of The New Edinburgh Pub

Hospitality Solutions really helped us to lower and control our food costs. They easily pay for themselves.

John Borsten
Owner of Empire Grill and Zak’s Diner

Without Food Cost & Inventory Control chances of Success are minimal - Hospitality Solutions provides the support necessary to improve and maintain these all imprtant costs.

Bob Firestone
Owner of Blue Cactus Bar & Grill and Luxe Bistro

An indispensable service that reduces food cost and saves us money every month.

John Coughlan
Clocktower Brew Pub


Using Hospitality Solutions has saved us money three years and counting...in all of our pubs!

Larry Bradley
Owner of the Irish Village Group of Pubs

...There is no doubt that our assocation with Hospitality Solutions has been most beneficial, not only in terms of actual numbers, but also in the increased professionalism that has permeated our kitchens.

John Howard
President of the Royal Oak Pubs

The reality is that the company is very knowledgeable. They’re not just number crunchers, they know how the business works. They know about the products out there and how to use them. They measure the pulse of my business. They keep me in good shape and that turns into cost savings

David Chan
Owner of Georges